Bodum French Press Coffee Maker

Years ago when travelling to England I stayed with some friends and in the morning was introduced to coffee made using a French Press Coffee Maker. It was hands down the best coffee I had ever had!

You might just find that drinking your first cup made with a French Press will not be your last and may just become one of your favorite ways to make coffee.

Although a little more time consuming that using an electric coffee machine, the French Press produces great coffee and it really isn’t that hard to do. The French Press can be used for making several cups of coffee or for just making one great cup for yourself.

Steps to make a cup of coffee with the French Press Coffee Maker:

French Press Coffee Maker

  • First of all you will need coarsely ground coffee and hot, not boiling water. Take the plunger out of the French press and add in one rounded tablespoon or scoop of coffee for every 4-ounce cup into the French Press.
  • Next pour hot water into the pot and leave about one inch of space from the top of the French Press. Stir the mixture and then place the plunger unit on top of the pot. Don’t press down at this point.
  • You should let the coffee brew for about four or five minutes.
  • Holding the pot firmly by the handle, apply slight pressure on top of the plunger and push it slowly down into the pot.

Now all you need to do is pour it into your favorite mug and add cream/sugar if you like and enjoy the best cup of coffee ever!

The French Press is easy to clean. You simply take a part the plunger parts and rinse under hot water. You can leave the pieces on a towel on the counter to dry and then put them back together again, ready for your next cup of coffee.

When it comes to the coffee, buy any type you like. You can have it ground for you (coarse grind) or you can do it yourself at home using an electric coffee grinder.

To keep the beans fresh, leave them in the refrigerator or freezer and then just take out the amount you need when you go to make your coffee.

You watch the video below or you can watch it on YouTube: How to Use the French Press

For more information on how to use the French Press, watch the video below:

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