Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother Review

If you love capuccinos and lattes but can’t seem to get a good froth with those hand held battery operated frothers, then you will love this milk frother. It whips up a batch of hot, frothed milk easily. Best of all the Capresso ForthPlus Automatic Milk Frother does it without all the mess you sometimes get with those manual models.

Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother Features

  • Creates rich thick froth in seconds
  • Patented frothing technology delivers maximum milk froth
  • Large capacity: 8-ounce for frothing, 12-ounce for heating without frothing
  • Three temperature settings: cold, hot, warm
  • Two frothing disks

Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother Description

You will no longer do you have to practice the fine art of frothing milk with a steaming wand. Or even one of those battery operated hand held ones.

All you need to do is add milk to the pitcher and press a button. The frother does all the work for you. To heat milk without froth, simply replace the frothing disk at the bottom of the pitcher with the flat heating disk and the machine will stir the milk while it is being heated to prevent scalding.

The heating disk is perfect to warm milk for lattes, hot chocolate or for cooking. You can even use the cold setting for making cold froth for a wonderful cappuccino or for incorporating powdered mixes together.

What we Liked Most about the Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother

Not only can you make a wonderful thick creamy froth that makes any coffee taste special, but it is also easy to clean. There is nothing to it since the base is separate from the milk pitcher. As well the operation is smooth and quiet.

What we Did Not Like about the Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother

Some people found that the plastic pitcher does not hold enough heat to make enough good froth. While other found that the froth was too thick with no milk left.

Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother Order Link: Capresso Milk Frother

More on the Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother

Capresso FrothPLUS Automatic Milk FrotherThe Capresso milk frother creates a great frothing action by gently and quickly whipping as much air as possible into the milk.

It does this while heating it to one of three temperature settings. You can choose either hot, warm or cold.

You can use the heating disk to warm milk and cream to add to egg yolks and sugar for homemade creme anglaise.

As well you can marinate ingredients like vanilla, cloves, citrus peels or spices in warm milk for 10-20 minutes to bring out an enhanced flavor.

You can also use the heating disk to warm milk for an old-fashioned hot milk or to add to hot chocolate.

By using the cold setting, you can froth low-fat milk and citrus juice such as lemonade, limeade or orange juice to create a refreshing lemon meringue latte, orange cream latte, or key lime latte.

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