Espresso Machine Accessories

If you are particular on how you take your espresso you are probably going to make a big deal about which cup or glass you use to drink your coffee. In some countries other than in North America, espresso cups are often thought of as art rather than just a cup for this delightful beverage.

In Italy, for instance, cups are often hand made. If you are enthusiastic about drinking espresso then finding the right kind of cup may be pretty significant. If you are looking for a gift for an espresso lover, then a set of cups will make a special present for them.

The Quality of Espresso Cups

Espresso cups2First the quality of the cup is important to consider before you buy. There are many different types of espresso cups including ones made of plastic and glass among other materials. However the best quality material that is frequently chosen are cups made of porcelain. Not only have porcelain cups been a tradition but you will find many beautiful designs that make them even more special.

The size of the porcelain espresso cup makes a big difference. Traditionally these cups come in two to three ounce sizes. You probably will not be filling the entire cup with the coffee beverage since many people like to add toppings. Just pour about 1-ounce of espresso mixture in the cup and leave room for whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Besides espresso cups there are a number of other accessories you may want to have to help you make the perfect cup of coffee.

The Frothing Pitcher

Frothing pitcherIf you like to make Lattes and Cappuccinos you will need to get a frothing pitcher. The best kind are the stainless steel ones. They come in a variety of sizes so choose the size that works for how much milk you will be frothing.

You should fill the pitcher about 1/3 full to allow for the foam to doulbe in volume. Also, you don’t want to put less than this in the pitcher as it will make it difficult to get any foam from the milk.

Most espresso machines will have a steam wand on the side of the machine that can be used for frothing and steaming milk.

The Espresso Knock Box

The CREMA PRO Knock Box helps you knock out the most tightly packed coffee puck. This makes a great addition to your espresso bar since it is a place to store the coffee grounds before you add them to your composter or garden. You just strike the portafilter against the knock bar for quick, easy and mess-free disposal of the puck.

The ultra durable knock bar is designed for aggressive use and can be removed to easily clean the inner vessel. The used coffee grounds make a fantastic natural fertilizer for the garden. This knock box features an anti-slip rubber grip for increased stability on the countertop.

How to Make a Great Cup of Espresso Video:

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