What is Espresso Coffee

What is Espresso Coffee? Although coffee has been around for a very long time, the same can not be said for espresso. This is a more concentrated cup of coffee that originated in Milan Italy at the beginning of the 19th century.

In fact coffee beans weren’t found until about the 9th Century. But ever since then, people have been defining how to drink this wonderful beverage.  Since its was first developed, espresso has become a very popular beverage.  In order to make this drink however a machine had to be designed specifically for its creation.

Did you know that workers in cafes and coffee shops throughout Italy who work with an espresso machines were known as “baristas,”.  The word is Italian which means a bartender who works behind the counter serving either hot or cold drinks.  Somehow we have come to understand that a barista only works in coffee shops!

By the way, there are competitions for Baristas and in fact the World Barista Championships are held annually in different locations. Before getting to these championships however, they must first compete in competitions held in their own countries.

what is espresso coffeeOver the years this type of beverage has become very popular due to the “romantic nature” of the drink but also because it has a very different flavor than any other type of coffee.

What is Espresso Coffee and How is It Made?

Making a great cup of espresso is much different than making your standard cup of coffee.  First of all you need finely ground coffee beans that are then packed very tightly together and placed in a machine. These machines are the easiest way to make a cup of espresso coffee. Then hot water makes the steam that heats up the coffee beans which then produces a thick liquid called espresso.  It is this thickens that defines this type of coffee.

One other important defining characteristic of a cup of espresso  is what is called the crema.  This is the reddish brown substance that can be found floating on top of the coffee. It is what gives espresso it distinct look.

Some people like the crema while other remove it from their coffee. Others love it and will often sprinkle cinnamon or add whip cream on top of it.  You might even want to sprinkled some shaved chocolate on it as well.

How to Drink Espresso Coffee

Which ever way you drink your espresso, it is usually not a lot of coffee as you are actually drinking on about one ounce.  However, when made correctly, there is nothing else like a great cup of espresso coffee!

Of course there are many ways to drink this delightful beverage.  In fact you can make a Latte, Cappuccino or even chilled espresso. Using espresso as a base can products hundreds of different ways to make this beverage as well as adding it in desserts, milk shakes and even ice cream and candies.

Instead of asking the question what is espresso coffee, the next time you are in a restaurant or coffee shop order an espresso coffee. Take a chance and order one and you will never have to ask again what is espresso coffee, because you will know it is a fantastic way to drink coffee!

A shot of espresso!