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Espresso Coffee Connoisseur Welcome to our espresso coffee website. Espresso coffee is often made using a special machine and with a little practice, the right beans and perhaps the right accessories you can have the perfect cup of this delicious brew.

Espresso has become very popular due to the "romantic nature" of the drink but also because it has a very different flavor than any other type of coffee.

Browse our site to find a full range of reviews on all the latest in espresso coffee machines and accessories including information on how to make espresso to espresso machines.

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Our Latest Espresso Coffee Machine & Accessories Reviews

Coffee Mug Warmers

Coffee Mug WarmersIf there’s one thing that coffee lovers enjoy it is great tasting coffee. And if there’s one thing that they are unanimous in disliking, it’s when hot coffee turns lukewarm or cold. So what is the solution? How about using coffee mug warmers? Since you sometimes can’t drink your coffee fast, at least not without... Read More »

5 Inexpensive Espresso Machines

5 Inexpensive Espresso MachinesDo love your cup of espresso? But do you hate how expensive and how complicated some of the espresso machines can be? Then check out these 5 inexpensive espresso machines. We have picked ones that are under $100 and have great... Read More »

Heated Travel Mug for Car with Charger

Heated Travel Mug for Car with ChargerDo you find yourself spending a lot of time in your car and you like to have a nice hot cup of coffee along for the ride? I bet what ends up happening too many times is the coffee gets cold long before you ever get to finish drinking it. What if there was a... Read More »

Surprising Ways To Make Instant Coffee Taste Great

Surprising Ways To Make Instant Coffee Taste GreatSometimes, coffee lovers will make instant coffee when they are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for a pot to brew. But more often than not, people who enjoy coffee make instant coffee taste great depending on the brand they buy. Does that sound hard to believe? There are a number of... Read More »

Best Coffee for Keto Diet

Best Coffee for Keto DietThe keto diet is popular because it’s a great way to eat healthily. When you are on this diet, it basically means that you’ve chosen a healthy, low carb diet that’s high in fats. When you follow this diet, you will lose weight because of a state that is known as ketosis that occurs from the... Read More »

What is the Best Coffee for Athletes?

What is the Best Coffee for Athletes?Coffee isn’t just a breakfast that many people drink in the morning to help perk them up and get them ready for their day. It’s a widely known fact that it has many benefits for everyone – including athletes. When you exercise to stay in top performance shape, you can sometimes experience pain – especially... Read More »

Glass Coffee Double Walled Mugs

Glass Coffee Double Walled MugsClear glass mugs have always been a sign of elegance. More importantly, the glass coffee double walled mugs keep your coffee hotter longer! They look amazing, regardless of what kind of coffee you put in them. With a clear all around view, it also enables you to be able to see your coffee and get... Read More »

Coffee Improves Depression In Women

Coffee Improves Depression In WomenDepression is a silent killer. It does not necessarily manifest symptoms, as it is easily hidden by a fake smile. But the effects it can have on an individual is catastrophic, in worse case scenarios leading to the unfortunate suicide of that person. As many as 16 million people are diagnosed with depression each year,... Read More »

Coffee Can Help Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Coffee Can Help Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 DiabetesWhen it comes to coffee, its health benefits are not often considered. After all, it is a tasty beverage, that gives you a kick to start your morning off the right way, isn’t that enough? It sure is a good start. However, what if you found out that coffee can help reduce your risk for... Read More »

Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your CoffeeDrinking coffee comes with so many health benefits it will make your head spin, more than the rapid intake of caffeine. From its ability to stave off dementia, reduce risks of heart disease, boost metabolism and help with weight loss. As well there is the fact that it helps prevent type 2 diabetes and increases... Read More »