Drinks to Make with Espresso

There are many different espresso drink recipes that can be made, everything from Lattes to iced coffee.  This coffee drink can be made into cold or warm drinks and as well there are a number of different foods that can be made using espresso coffee such as ice cream and candy!

One of the more popular drinks is the chilled mocha espresso and is a great way to create a special tasting drink that you can enjoy anytime alone or with friends.

So how do you make this delightful drink?  First of all, a mocha beverage can be found in a lot of different countries where espresso is found. All it takes is making your favorite espresso and adding a bit of chocolate syrup or chocolate topping. Add a little sugar if you need a little sweetness and some whipped cream and you have a delightful drink.

If you want to make a cold drink then all you have to do is pour the Mocha over ice. If you don’t want to fuss with making this at home not to worry.  Many coffee shops or restaurants can make one for you. Try one first at a coffee shop to see if this is something you might enjoy and then experiment with making one at home.

Chances are if you are a regular espresso drinker you might just love the addition of chocolate to your espresso, which is basically what a Chilled Mocha Espresso is all about!

After enjoying one of these drinks you may just have to move on to bigger and better things!  In fact there is no reason why you can’t try different espresso varieties as well as adding different flavors such as butterscotch or vanilla flavored syrups. Or just sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of the whipped cream or add some shaved chocolate!

The one interesting thing about espresso is that you can make many different flavored drinks. If you already know how to make a good espresso beverage then you probably know how fine or coarse you need to be able to grind the espresso coffee beans. However, if you have an espresso machine that can grind the beans, then you will be able to get the right grind so your espresso tastes just right!

So once you have perfected the art of making espresso then you can start having fun trying to make other beverages using espresso for the base. For example, a Latte is just one of the recipes that can be make or even a Cappucino or an iced beverage.

Making the Espresso

Before you start to make an espresso beverage you will first have to make the espresso itself. If you already know how to make espressos then the best thing to do would be to simply grind the espresso coffee beans just as you would for a normal espresso.

Once the espresso is made the next thing that should be done is to add some ice to a blender.  Next add a little sugar.  Add as much or as little as you like for your particular taste; probably a couple of tablespoons will do. Next add in the espresso.  You will probably want it to cool down a bit otherwise the ice will melt too quickly and you won’t get the best chilled drink. Combine the ingredients in the blender, pour into your favorite tall drink glass and enjoy!

Chances are that if you love chilled mocha lattes then a chilled espresso beverage will be on your list of favorite beverages as well!

Espresso Flavored Foods

There are an infinite number of ways that espresso can be combined to make the best beverages but there is a whole market of other food products for the coffee and espresso fanatics! You may not be a regular espresso drinker, however you have probably had one at some point. Here are just a few of the many food and beverage products to try if you like espresso!

There are a number of restaurants and coffee shops that offer espresso beverages including milkshakes. If you ever go to Arby’s restaurant, check out their “Mocha Chill”. This is an espresso mocha beverage on ice. This beverage has turned into a very popular cold espresso drink for this fast food restaurant!

Another product that is regularly sold in grocery stores and specialty ice cream shops is espresso ice cream. Espresso ice cream is probably not that hard to make considering many people add milk to their espresso in the first place. You could probably make this at home with some condensed milk, other minor ingredients, and then the mixture can be frozen and eaten later when it’s turned to ice cream!

There are many different flavors for candy available and one of these is espresso jelly beans. The Jelly Belly Bean Company has been responsible for producing the espresso jelly bean!

These are just a few of the espresso products that are regularly sold through restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores. As well there are plenty of other foods and beverages using espresso to attract many different customers! For example, if you have ever taken a trip to a coffee shop then you already know the hundreds of different drinks to make with espresso!

Start the Day with an Espresso!