Glass Coffee Double Walled Mugs

Glass Coffee Double Walled MugsClear glass mugs have always been a sign of elegance. More importantly, the glass coffee double walled mugs keep your coffee hotter longer!

They look amazing, regardless of what kind of coffee you put in them.

With a clear all around view, it also enables you to be able to see your coffee and get the full experience of enjoying it as you drink it.

Unlike some ceramic coffee mugs, clear glass ones also don’t contain dangerous materials such as lead.

When buying coffee mugs that are made of glass, you want to go with a company that has a good reputation for making quality products.

Finding Good Quality Glass Coffee Double Walled Mugs

Never buy the cheapest glass mugs that are on the market. Those are usually made with inferior type glass and will quickly break even when slightly bumped. Low quality coffee mugs will also shatter when hot liquid is put in them and you don’t want to risk that.

You’ll find that in good quality glass coffee mugs what you’re looking for when it comes to a product that’s long lasting as well as safe for use with hot liquids.

These mugs have a high end look like you’d find in exclusive restaurants or upscale cafes. These are top quality coffee mugs that can be used for coffee, tea or even espresso.

Because they’re double walled, they keep whatever liquid you put them in hot or cold as you’re drinking it. With these 12.5 ounce mugs, you get plenty of room for whatever beverage you want to enjoy.

Not Just For Coffee Either

Glass Coffee Double Walled MugsYou can use them for cappuccino or smoothies if you’d prefer. Because they’re double walled, these are thicker mugs and slightly heavier than other one walled glass mugs.

They have a beautiful design that’s similar to European style mugs. You can tell even at the first glance that hard work went into the making of the mugs. The glass is clear and blemish and bubble free.

Quality is these Glass Coffee Mugs

Because it’s the top of the line borosilicate glass, you can also put these mugs in the refrigerator and they’ll still maintain their quality without cracking. These mugs are perfect for any coffee lover to have on hand, but they also make a great housewarming gift or gift for a couple who’s getting married.

Because they’re so sturdy and look nice, they also make a good addition to any student who’s heading off to college. The mugs have a small round silicone seal on the bottom that covers a hole that allows the glass to breathe. This innovation allows for the no steam or condensation on the mugs.

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