Health Benefits of Coffee

There are a number of health benefits of coffee and a couple of those benefits are that coffee may counter the risk factors of heart attacks and strokes. When it comes to coffee and heart health, these two are rarely seen together.

Health Benefits of CoffeeOne would think that their relationship resembles water and oil. That is certainly what the medical community believes anyway.

There is more and more evidence that seems to prove that coffee may in fact have benefits for both the heart and the circulatory system.

Are you interested in knowing about the link between drinking coffee and heart health?

Here are some benefits for optimal circulatory health.

Proven In Studies of the Benefit of Drinking Coffee

Harvard University did a study that was published in The Journal Circulation in 2015, found that drinking coffee reduced death from all causes.

Health Benefits of CoffeeThe particular significance was that it also reduced the risk of stroke and heart attaches. The study compared people who do not drink coffee with those who do.

The study was also able to find that coffee drinking reduced Type 2 diabetes risks. The significance is that drinking between three and five cups of coffee per day had the most significant benefits.

However, drinking more than five cups a day did not offer any further benefits.

There have been other studies as well on the heart-friendly effects of drinking coffee.

In fact, there were 36 studies done in 2013 with over a million people and it found that those people who regularly drank coffee were less likely to develop any kind of heart disease.

So given that these studies were done using a large number of people, it can be concluded that drinking coffee might just be good for your circulatory system and is not at all bad for your heart health.

How Does Coffee Benefit The Heart?

Health Benefits of CoffeeDid you know that coffee is rich in nutrients? In fact, coffee is loaded with phytochemicals and some of these have potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammatory conditions in the body are related to many diseases including heart problems. Antioxidants have been shown to decrease the occurrences of death.

Some other benefits of coffee that might undeniably influence heart health include:

Improving Blood Sugar: diabetics run a higher risk than average of developing heart disease or having a stroke. Since coffee reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease is also reduced.

Promotes Oral Health: heart disease and oral health have a strong correlation. Since coffee has the ability to slow down the progression of periodontal disease, it might also reduce incidences of heart disease.

Reduces Risk of Death After a Heart Attack: it was found that coffee can reduce the risk of death following heart attacks in persons who have already endured a previous heart attack. This is important to note since people who may have had a heart attack in the past are often more careful when it comes to drinking coffee.

In Conclusion:

There is a growing body of evidence that proves coffee is not detrimental to heart health. In fact, it may be actually advantageous for many people. If as a result of drinking coffee you experience anxiety or palpitation, you might consider drinking decaffeinated coffee as it still provides beneficial effects.

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