How To Make Coffee And Espresso

Learning how to make coffee can require a lot of practice. After harvesting, the next step is roasting the beans with high temperatures of about 220-260 Celsius. Then you need to grind the beans into small molecules. The taste and smell of the roasted beans may be different each time as many factors such as the size after grinding, roasting time or coffee sources come into play.

These Are the Tips for Selecting the Best-Roasted Beans:

1. Buying the amount of coffee as you need for only one week.How To Make Coffee And Espresso

2. The smell of the roasted beans should be nice and not smell contaminated.

3. Do not buy roasted beans from the store or supermarket that are near strong-smelling food shops. The roasted bean will absorb the scent of each food.

4. Remember the flavor and characteristic of each type of coffee.

5. Kept the roasted beans in a vacuum or airtight container for the best quality of the coffee.

6. Mill the roasted beans for single use only.

Using Machines To Make Your Beverage

Whenever you drink a cup of coffee, you have to think about the flavor and quality of each cup not only the volume of water in a cup.

Making a delicious cup of coffee is not easy. You have to practice for a long time. Nowadays, the technology of machines such as Moka Express, Espresso pot, and French Press make everything easier.

These are important points for using coffee machines:

1. Clean the machine before and after use.
2. The water should be clean and without chlorine.
3. Use fresh milled roasted beans for every cup.
4. The right measurement of the grinds used should be followed for each cup.
5. Do not use boiling water when making your brew.
6. The coffee maker should know the ratio of ingredients and know-how to convert the unit.

The Different Cups To Use

Espressocoffee2The cups are an important part of making coffee that you should be miss. When using a machine you should know which cup is being used.

Espresso: The Basic Information

Normally, Espresso has golden crema at the top of the cup. The art of making Espresso using milk foam, whipped cream or liqueurs means that you can have different Espresso drinks.

Espresso and Black Coffee

Many people have misunderstood the differences between Espresso and Black coffee. In fact, Espresso is a very different beverage.

The difference Between Espresso and Black Coffee:

1. Cup; A cup of Espresso is not more than 2 ounce but a cup of black coffee is 4 to 6 ounces.

2. A cup of black coffee can be served with cream or sugar but Espresso is served without cream and sugar.

3. Espresso has a golden crema on the top of the cup but the black coffee has nothing on the top of the cup.

4. The flavor of Espresso will stay on the tongue for about 15-30 minutes but no flavor stays on the tongue after drinking black coffee.

5. The way to drink black coffee is to sip it slowly until finished but the right way to drink Espresso is to drink all at once.

How to Drink Espresso

Normally, Espresso is drunk during the day or at dinner. If you are interested, try to practice the following steps and you will get the beautiful taste of Espresso.

1. Before drinking, you have to smell the cup of espresso.
2. Sip a little bit of espresso loudly and keep it in your mouth for a moment.
3. Drink the rest all at once but keep it a moment in the mouth.
4. Try to remember the taste of espresso and compare with the next cup.

How to Drink Espresso Video:

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