Make Perfect Espresso

Now you can make perfect espresso and not have to worry if your drink is going to come out bitter, weak or something else. Once you learn how to make it correctly you will not only have control over how it turns out but you will be able to actually perfect the art of making espresso.

First of all you want to be able to grind the coffee beans to the right consistency. You can either do this yourself or have your espresso machine do it for you. It is important to note that you need to grind the beans enough otherwise you will end up with a weak drink and not the type of espresso you really want to drink. As well, you don’t want to grind the beans to powder either  as this will produce a bitter drink.

If you have an espresso machine that can control the grind then you will be able to experiment until you get it right and you get the best espresso for your taste.

Once you figure out the consistency to grind the beans you can set and leave the machine and it will turn out the same great tasting drink every time.

Three Forms of Espresso

There might be plenty of flavors for regular black coffee but the one thing that people enjoy about espresso is that there is hardly anyone who orders just a plain espresso. It seems as though an espresso always has to be added to some other mixture in order to taste better. There very well might be more than fifty ways of mixing an espresso using different coffee mixtures so that you can get a different flavor each time. Here is a short list of the many beverages one can order that is made from espresso:

The Americano: this is a simple espresso beverage. Once the espresso is made it is diluted with just a little bit of water that makes the taste less strong. It will taste a little more like regular black coffee. If you like plain black coffee then this is the drink for you.  There isn’t anything added; no whipped cream, chocolate shavings or milk.

The Latte: this is one of the more popular coffee drinks made from espresso. It is a simple drink really as once the espresso is made steamed milk is poured over it. As well a fine or sometimes thick layer of frothy milk is added to the top, depending on how you like to drink your Latte.

The Cappuccino: again a popular coffee drink using espresso. Cappuccino also uses milk and has a frothy layer of milk on top, however, it is a little different from a Latte in that if contains less milk but has more foam on top.

So the next time you are craving a coffee why not try one of the many different types of espresso.  Or better yet, make perfect espresso at home now that you know what goes in to making this delightful beverage.

Make mine an espresso!