What is the Best Coffee for a French Press

French Press Coffee MakerThere are certain kinds of coffee that are better in one kitchen coffee making device than in another. Starting out by making sure that you have the right coffee with the right machine will enhance how well your coffee tastes. If you want a simple way to make coffee, along with a great tasting cup, then you will want to know the best coffee for a French Press.

One of the best coffee makers you can buy is a French press. Many people enjoy using this because they’re fast and easy to clean up. Plus, they like it because it’s a simple process to get great tasting coffee.

All you have to do is start with the right grind of coffee grounds, put in the water and work the press. You end up with delicious coffee after every use. However, if you start the process with an inferior quality coffee, not even the top of the line French press can make that coffee taste good.

You’ll want to have a coffee on hand that’s known for its reputation as being one that has a full taste delivery as well as being made for use with a French press. The kind of coffee to use in a French press is usually determined by the type of grind used for the coffee beans.

For the best full body and flavor, you have to choose a coarse grind. If you use a grind that’s super fine like you’d find used in an espresso machine, you won’t get great tasting coffee. It’ll be too strong and acidic.

Dallmayr Gourmet Coffee, Prodomo (Ground), 17.6 ounces is known as one of the best French press coffees that you can buy. It’s a smooth tasting coffee – sure to please any coffee lover.

Best Coffee for a French PressWhat this coffee does that many of the competitors don’t is that the grounds go through a process to make the coffee smooth and not bitter. Yet, the process does not in any way cause the coffee to lose any of the caffeine levels.

The coffee beans used in the making of the product are 100% Arabica, which means that they’re one of the highest quality coffee beans. They’re grown in the most renowned coffee areas of the world – including Colombia and Brazil.

The coffee is carefully quality tested before each blend is sent out to buyers. This ensures that your coffee will have the same great taste – bag after bag. With this order, you get three of the coffee bags for a total of just over 35 ounces.

Each of the bags is vacuum packed to seal in the aromatic flavor. Keep in mind that once you make coffee in a French press, don’t let it sit afterward or the coffee can become too bitter tasting to enjoy.

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